CALLING CARD: Devon Smith (WR)

Penn State receiver Devon Smith fielded questions on Wednesday on Illinois, the wideouts, the rezone woes and more. Get a look at his comments here.

Here is a review of Devon Smith's comments from Wednesday morning:

On his role on the offense:

"They mainly try to use me to get me in open space and also as a decoy. Sometimes you'll see me in the backfield and I am a decoy to open up things."

On what he has seen from Illinois' secondary on film:

"This is a new team, one of the new cornerbacks just started - number 31. We watched a lot of film on them so they will be ready, but they are coming in ready to play."

On this week's attitude in early practices:

"Everybody is intense on practice the first two sessions. I like to see that; we need it all focused on this game."

On how good the team is:

"I can say we are decent, but we have a lot of inexperience. We have a lot of intensity and hopefully that is what we see this Saturday."

On having a better first quarter:

"The captains are addressing it and we've discussed it. We just need to do it."

On his post-game comment that the issues "we're kind of upstairs":

"It's a..."

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