Bolden: "There is No Definitive Answer"

Bolden: "There is No Definitive Answer"

Penn State freshman quarterback will make a decision on whether to transfer after spring ball. For now, he is, "having fun" and trying to improve. Also included is video of the interview.

For now, Penn State quarterback Rob Bolden is focused on the near future. That, and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

A decision on where he'll be playing his football next year has yet to be made.

“There is no definite answer on if I'm gonna stay or if I'm gonna leave,” Bolden said during an Uplifting Athletes' event at Damon's Grill in State College Sunday. “We're just gonna wait it out, see what happens in the spring and go from there.”

Last season, Bolden became the first true freshman QB to start a season for the Nittany Lions in more than a century. But he was eventually passed on the depth chart by redshirt sophomore Matt McGloin.

Following PSU's Outback Bowl loss to Florida in Tampa on New Year's Day, a game in which McGloin threw five interceptions and Bolden never saw the field, Bolden made it known that he intended to transfer out of the program. But head coach Joe Paterno refused to grant him a release, essentially forcing Bolden to stay in Happy Valley at least through the spring.

Bolden appears to be making the best of the situation. During Sunday's event -- a video-game tournament meant to help raise awareness for the fight against kidney cancer -- he was decked out in a blue Nittany Lion sweat jacket. While he didn't play in the tournament, he stayed for the duration to cheer on his teammates.

“I've been just fine,” he said. “I'm having fun. I'm with my teammates. That hasn't changed at all. We still love each other, they're still my guys. I'm here for the spring, (so) we'll ball up and go from there.”

Bolden said his academics are “tight” and that his primary onfield focus this semester is on improving his overall game.

“I need to work on everything,” he reported. “My whole game needs to be bumped up. My freshman year, I got that out of the way. It was cool to get some snaps under my belt, learn from that, move on (and) don't make the same mistakes twice.”

To that end, he has been spending time with former PSU quarterback Daryll Clark in the off-season. The duo struck up a friendship at the Elite 11 Camp nearly two years ago, where Clark was an instructor and Bolden a participant.

Clark is living in State College now. The two spend most of their time together breaking down tape of the 2010 season.

“To be able to come here and chill with him during the spring -- it's been a big advantage for me to watch film with him,” Bolden said.

One other area of emphasis in the off-season is packing more meat on his 6-foot-4 frame. Penn State strength coach John Thomas is helping there.

So are the PBJ's.

“I've been in (the weight room) with J.T.,” he said. “…(and) I've been eating peanut butter and jelly at night to get my weight up. I'm at 215 now. … Hopefully I can be at 220 by the time the season rolls around.”

But where will he be when that season rolls around?

“Spring ball, I'm here, just having fun,” Bolden said. “I'm gonna do what I've gotta do and we'll see what happens.” Recommended Stories