FOS-TV: Devon Still

Devon Still

We caught up with the defensive tackle after he dominated the UA Charity Video Tournament Saturday. See what he had to say about the event, his competition and his health.

Penn State defensive lineman Devon Still has been unable to catch a break on the field, having sustained serious leg injuries the past two seasons.

Still blew out his left knee in the preseason of 2007, when he was a true freshman. It knocked him out of the entire season. In the preseason of 2008, he sustained a broken left leg, preventing him from playing until the regular-season finale against Michigan State.

That's why it was kind of fun to watch him dominate the Penn State Uplifting Athletes Charity Video Tournament Saturday. The game was NCAA Football 2009 on the Xbox.

After a tight opening win over James Terry, he blasted everyone else in the competition, winning the PSU team title. Then he whipped an opponent from Maryland online to capture the overall crown.

Still used Ohio State as his team through the PSU competition and then switched to the Nittany Lions when he took on his Maryland opponent.

We caught up with Still prior to his final match to talk about the tournament and where he stands heading into preseason practice. Check it out below. Recommended Stories