PLAYBOOK HD: Moye Interference

The battle for the ball.

See what happened on Penn State's deep pass play that ended in a Syracuse interception and an offensive pass interference call.

Here at, we know referees have some of the most difficult jobs in college football. Though they get the vast majority of plays right, far too often fans and the media focus on the few bad calls.

It is very much a thankless profession.

And in that spirit, we have never before unleashed the power of the FOS Playbook HD series to expose a bad call.

But every now and then, a referee makes a call that is beyond bad. Every now and then, there is a colossal mistake that simply can't be overlooked.

And so it was in the Penn State-Syracuse game Saturday. Late in the second quarter, Lion quarterback Daryll Clark threw a bomb for wideout Derek Moye. Moye and Orange defensive back Kevyn Scott both went up for the ball. Moye initially appeared to make the catch. But Scott went over his back, jarred the ball loose, and came down with a spectacular interception.

At the same time, a yellow hanky came flying in from the field judge, who was standing on the sideline some 20 yards away from the play. Both players had their backs to him. The back judge -- a mere six yards away -- was directly in front of the play with a perfect view of the action. He did not throw a flag.

Upon further review, there probably should not have been any flag on the play. Both athletes were clearly going for the ball and there was minimal contact before it arrived.

But as it turned out, Moye was whistled for offensive pass interference, which was mind-boggling because he had the inside position to make the catch and Scott went over his back.

Fortunately, the lousy call by a referee with a poor view of the action had no real impact on the game. Syracuse declined the penalty and took the ball at the spot where Scott made the interception. That drive resulted in a missed field goal just before the half.

But it was an awful call, nevertheless, as you will see in this edition of the FOS Playbook HD. Also, below you will see video comments from Moye, as well as an interview with Clark where he shoulders the blame for the interception.