"Wisconsin 35, Penn State 14: The Nittany Lions have been a different team on the road this season, and not in a good way. The Badgers, meanwhile, have been battering B1G opponents at home."
-- Mark Brennan, mxbscout

"Wisconsin 38 Penn State 13: A difficult season finishes on a down note as the Badgers manhandle the Lions in all phases of the game."
-- Scott Cole, PSU96

"Penn State 21, Wisconsin 18: Classic game. PSU continues its record of winning games after a loss. Nebraska was a tough pill to swallow but our kids have been through much worse. Great bunch of kids who deserve a lot of credit. Resilient bunch of fighters! See you all at the Goon Bowl, hopefully."
-- Keith Conlin, keithconlin

"Wisconsin 34, Penn State 17: Wisconsin's ability to get their run game to the edge will be an issue for Penn State. The Badgers' run defense will come up huge and Hackenberg will struggle trying to throw the ball under duress on the road."
-- Nirav Dalal, PlaybookNirav

"Wisconsin 35, Penn State 20: Penn State's road woes are likely to continue against the nation's eighth rushing defense and a squad that has been rolling over conference foes."
-- Mark Harrington, PlaybookMark

"Wisconsin 45, Penn State 13: No one will question the effort and heart this team gives, but the Lions are worn out, beat up, and out of gas. Combine that with a trip to Madison where opponents are averaging 6ppg this season, the results won't be good."
-- Tom Hoffman, underscoreTom

"Wisconsin 28, Penn State 7: The Badgers are in the conversation for a BCS bowl and I think that continues after Saturday. Wisconsin goes up on Penn State early and the Lions can't quite overcome that momentum."
-- Beth Long, BethLong

"Wisconsin 45, Penn State 9: A heartbreaking loss does nothing to buoy spirits heading into hostile Camp Randal. The Lion offense manages just a field goal before half time, then a garbage time touchdown punctuated by a missed PAT, as the Badgers roll."
-- Tom McLaughlin, WeRPSUPlaybook

"Wisconsin 41, Penn State 28: Winning at one toughest venues in the B1G will be no small task for a team that has played extremely poor on the road. Anything is possible, just don't see it happening."
-- Donovan Neal, PSUMtnBike

"Wisconsin 39, Penn State 14: Despite it likely never being close, this game is of incredible interest to me, as it will really tell just how deflating a Senior Day overtime loss is. If State can bounce back and at least show some positive energy, it will be an encouraging sign regardless of the outcome. That said, I expect the Badgers to be looking for an exclamation point, and they should find it with their rushing attack."
-- Greg Pickel, GregPickel

"Wisconsin 49, Penn State 10: The Nittany Lions are limping to the finish line, but won't leave Madison with a win."
-- Rob Riva, rriva

Mark Brennan, mxbscout
"8-4: Penn State will be favored in eight games and the opponent will be favored in four. But there will be some twists and turns. The explosive offense will result in an unlikely win and the thin defense will lead to an unlikely loss. Injuries can turn the season on its head, so anything .500 or better during the course of the sanctions should be considered a positive."

Scott Cole, PSU96
"9-3: Penn State faces a numbers shortage every time they suit up, but Bill O'Brien has this team believing that Penn State's 65 can beat anyone's 85. Barring injuries at key positions, this team has enough talent to give any opponent fits. I expect PSU to pull off one upset at home against either Michigan or Nebraska."

Keith Conlin, keithconlin
"10-2: May have trouble with one of the OOC opponents. Beating OSU, Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin is a task that may be too tall even for this staff and players. Looking forward to a fun and exciting season. No football since Thanksgiving really hurts!!!!"

Nirav Dalal, PlaybookNirav
"10-2: So much is being made about the lack of QB experience but not enough is being made about the depth of talent at the other offensive positions. The Lions will lose to Michigan and Ohio State while the QB gets his feet under him. But, by the end of the season, I see the Lions leading the conference in scoring and, therefore, able to outscore everyone on the schedule. "

Mark Harrington, PlaybookMark
"9-3: Penn State may be paper-thin at spots, but this squad has talent. I expect emotion from the players and motivation from the staff to give this team a spark causing them to reach the "next level" at some critical points this season. Act two of the O'Brien Adventure should be a fun one to watch."

Tom Hoffman, underscoreTom
"9-3: Even with 65 or so guys on scholarship, there is still too much talent for this not to be a solid season. PSU should get out of the OOC schedule 4-0 and as long as at least one half of HackenFerg is serviceable, the offense should score plenty of points to keep the team in most games."

Beth Long, BethLong
"9-3: Call me an optimist, but I think that this team is exactly where they need to be, especially mentally. They believe they can win the league, and I think that much of close games comes down to just how good you think you can be. There will be close games across the slate, but I think that Penn State makes the most of them."

Tom McLaughlin, WeRPSUPlaybook
"7-5: If Penn State could win every game on optimism and, this team would be undefeated, but reality doesn't work that way. After an early season feast on the annual parade of cupcakes, the lack of depth created by NCAA sanctions begins to take its toll as the long season wears on."

Donovan Neal, PSUMtnBike
"8-4: Breaking in new QBs are a concern, but the lions enter the season better off than the previous year with similar roster size, arguably better overall depth, a year in O'Briens system, and the lack of turmoil."

Greg Pickel, GregPickel
"8-4: Penn State had a unique drive a fall ago that, blended with a core group of strong personalities and strong play, lifted it to an 8-4 season. I'm still not sure the Lions will have what it takes to knock off Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, or Wisconsin, but it wouldn't surprise me if they toppled one of them, nor would it if they dropped one of their non-conference tilts. Scoring points will need to be priority 1B beside the 1A, health, which could become even more prominent if the latter leads to holes defensively."

Rob Riva, rriva
"8-4: Penn State will go as far as its quarterback play will take it. Depth on defense will be a concern, so the Lions will need to stay healthy."