Position On Scholarship in 2006 On Scholarship in 2007 Players
QB 6 6 Morelli, Cianciolo, Suhey, Clark, Brackett, Devlin
TB 6 4 Hunt, Scott, Kinlaw, Sargeant, Carter, Royster
FB 3 2 Snow, Hahn, Lawlor
OL 18 15 L. Brown, Farris, Price, John Shaw, Auletta, Ohrnberger, Shipley, Bowman, Cadogan, Harrison, Hinton, Varva, Landolt, Lowry, Eliades, Klopacz, Logan-El, Walton
TE 5 4 Hall, Lyons, Coakley, Shuler, Quarless
WR 8 8 Golden, Rubin, Butler*, Norwood, Williams, McDonald, Cousins, Bell
DT 10 7 E.Johnson, Alford, Roach, Robinson, Baker, Koroma, McEowen, Ogbu, Taylor, Troutman
DE 9 8 Jim Shaw, Hill, Lucian, Gaines, Claude, Evans, Latimore, Maybin, Odrick
LB 11 8 Posluszny, T.Shaw, Zwierzynski, Connor, Sales, D.Brown, Ridenhour, Hayes, Lee, Bowman, Gbadyu
CB 7 7 Wise, Davis, King, Harriott, Timmons, Fentress, Wallace
S 6 3 D.Johnson, Kanuch, McCready*, Scirrotto, Jeffries, McBride
K 2 1 Kapinos, Kelly
Total 91 73 12 Scholarships available in Feb 2007

Players in BOLD are in final year of eligibility.
Players underlined are in junior year of eligibility.
* = former walk-on

Pennlive.com July 21, 2004 - Nolan McCready on scholarship.
BWI Aug 29, 2005 issue - Deon Butler on scholarship.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that it is very difficult to get an accurate count since players get injured, leave the program for various reasons, earn a scholarship, etc. This is just to give a clearer picture of the general breakdown of the program.


Original Letter
of Intent Date
Original Number
of Recruits
Scholarship Players No Longer With Team
2/2001 23 I.Schmidt, Garcia, T.McHugh, Terrell, Stewart, T.Phillips, Ganter, Palmer, Vendemia
2/2002 22 Borgoyn, Gliatta, Humphrey, Hannum, Lispi, Wilson
2/2003 11 Mazan, Holler, Purcell

* = Graduated